Introduction: DIY H0 Models Very Detailed From Paper

About: My name is Simao and I love eletronics ,glass art,metal working,casting,paint ,draw... But above all... Trains

If you are a modeler you probably like trains H0 or HO or 00(in England) is a code name for a scale that is 1:87 and is used for model trains, H0 means 'H'alf Zero (0) so the scale have alf of the scale of the scale 0 or O.

In first place I want to thanks to:

To Wordsworth Model Railway:

To Kraft Trains:


  1. A good printer and color ink cartridge or toner
  2. Paper 100gsm2 and 120gsm2
  3. Cardboard 300gsm2 , 1mm and 2mm
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue (UHU)or other universal glue
  6. Many patience and

Step 1: Chose Paper Kit

The first thing to do is chose a paper kit you can find a lot of paper kits on Wordsworth model railway site.

Chose between "Rail Side" and "Town Scene" chose a kit and download it!

Pay attention!! some kits are in PDF format but most of it are in .RAR format so is better you have a good unrar tool like 7-zip or jzip those ones are 100% freeware.(not shareware like WinRar).

Another Pay Attention!!!Some kits when you download it in RAR or not if you open it with Addobe Reader can error on printing so is better you install another PDF reader like Foxit Reader (100% freeware too and it have many plug-ins, frees too like Word to PDF converter or PDF direct editor).

Step 2: Print Your Kit.

Open the PDF file an see what type of paper is to use. Some kits use Matt A4 photo paper.

Print your kit!

Pay Attention!! make sure that your printer are set to print like landscape because just some of the KraftTrains kits are made for portrait printing all of the kits in Wordsworth are made for Landscape printing!!

Another Pay Attention!!!Some kits of the Wordsworth have to be printed with zoom "%" for different scales if the kit have it there goes a list for different scales with it!

Step 3: Assembly Your Kit.

After you print your kit, you will need to assembly it with very carefully the phtos show the assembly of an CHEP pallet.

  1. Cut around it.
  2. Cut the details.
  3. glue it with carefully
  4. Done!

Attention!You probably need to glue the pieces onto a cardboard with 300gsm2; 1mm or 2mm.

Step 4: Buid Your Layout!!

Now you have a full layout (if you work hard!) for a few bucks!

The photos shows other things that I made!

Like a private owner Fueling area with Diesel Tank storage (Three types one of BP other for LoadHAUL and another from Express Rail Services) this kit includes also some oil drums from Castrol and Shell.

The other photo shows a lot of 20' containers from Hapag Lloyd, Maersk SEALAND, Seaflair, EVERGREEN, Stobart RAIL, DHL, COSCO and others.

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