Introduction: DIY Halloween Eyeball Lamp Lantern Decor | How to Make at HOME

How to make a DIY Halloween Eyeball Lamp Lantern Decor

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need-

-Table tennis balls


-Red coloured dry clay

-Permanent markers

-Coloured pencils



-Glue gun


-Foldable cardboard


-Female power plug/jack

-12V yellow LED strip

-Super glue

-Coloured paper

Step 2: Draw the Eyeballs Using the Permanent Markers and Coloured Pencils on the Table Tennis Ball As Shown.

Step 3: Apply and Spread the Red Dry Clay Over the Ball As Shown in the Following Images.

Step 4: Using the Red Marker, Draw the Nerves As Shown. Now, Apply Red Paint on the Clay. Make As Many Such Balls As Desired for the Lantern.

Step 5: Take 3 Circular Cardboard Cutouts of 15 Cm Diameter As Shown. Insert a Pencil Through the Hole of One, and Glue the Other Circular Cardboard Over It As Shown.

Step 6: Apply Tape to One End of a Piece of Foldable Cardboard, and Roll It Over the Pencil As Shown.

Step 7: Complete the Soldering Process As Shown to Connect the Power Plug and LED Strip.

Step 8: Roll the LED Strip Over the Foldable Cardboard As Shown. Apply Super Glue at the Top to Fix It. Make Sure That the Wire Is Placed in the Groove of the Circular Cardboard.

Step 9: Now, Glue the 3rd Piece of Circular Cardboard Which Had Been Made Earlier As Shown.

Step 10: Take an Empty Jar, Remove the Lid, and Make a Hole in the Base of the Jar. Now, Place the Jar on the Cardboard by Passing It Through the LED Strip As Shown.

Step 11: Place the Eyeballs Inside the Jar. Cover the Bottom With a Strip of Coloured Paper As Shown. Close the Lid of the Jar.

Step 12: To Give It a Spooky Feel, Make a Scary Hand on the Lid As Shown. Apply Glow in the Dark Paint.

Step 13: Connect the Power Plug to a 12V Power Adapter.

Step 14: Place a Candle and Some Props. Your Halloween Eyeball Lantern Is Ready!

Step 15: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!

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