Introduction: DIY Hand Harness at Home!!!

A Hand Harness is a beautiful ornament. It is a combination of a ring and a bracelet that connects with from the middle of the bracelet and to the ring. This was also worn by Indian queens in the ancient times.


We will need only four (4) things:-

  • A necklace.
  • A thin chain.
  • A pendant.
  • An earring. (matching with the pendent)

Step 1: Wearing the Bracelet.

Wear the necklace around your wrist and join the hook to one segment of your necklace. (You can also use a bracelet of your choice). I chose the necklace because it has segments which help me to connect the other materials.

Step 2: Joining the Pendent.

Next, connect the pendent using the thin chain as shown in the picture. Make sure that when you inserted the chain it goes from below the pendant and out from above it. In this way it will not get detached.

Step 3: Joining the Earring

Now, let's join the earring. Do the same process that we did while joining the pendent but, we had joined the pendent vertically, this time join the earring horizontally, also detached the earring hook so that it becomes like the top of our ring.

Step 4: Final Look.

Lastly, wrap the left over chain around your finger.

The Hand Harness is completed....

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