In this tutorial, I'am showing you how to make a corset belt inspired by Bella Hadid.

Here's everything you'll need:

-Leather Fabric




- Eyelets & eyelet tools


**Free Pattern :

**My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

**About Me

Name: Trudy

Age: 19 ( You will see everything I made ;) )

Step 1: Cutting Out Your Pattern

The first step in making this corset is of course the cutting of each piece of the pattern. I cut each piece four times except the number 1 because it on fold. So I cut it two times.

Step 2: Assembly

So once you have all your pieces. You'll have to pin them together. If you decided to work with faux leather or leather, you better use clips or pin on close to the edge because otherwise you will end up with small holes everywhere. This corset works by symmetry. The number 1 piece is central, so we find a number 2 piece on the left and on the right, same goes for number 3 and 4. You must repeat the same steps for the second belt.

Step 3: Sewing

I am sewing at one centimeter because my seam allowance is about one centimeter. You really have to respect them if you want your clothes to fit perfectly. And do not forget to secure your seams with back stitch at the beginning and end.

For this tutorial I had in mind a kind of jeans effect with double seams (seenable), that's why I use pins to flatten my seam before sewing it again. And so I sew but at 0.5 cm on either side of my first seam.

Step 4: Sewing Both Belt

So here is the jeans effect I was talking about! Once you have done this for your two belts, you will have to sew them one above the other.

Step 5: Eyelets

Now, move on to the eyelets installation. Fold your corset in half before making any marks in order to make the holes. After that, install the eyelets and close them with your eyelets tool.

Step 6: Lace Up

Here, all you have to do is lace up your corset.

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- Trudy Limp

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