Introduction: DIY Light Up Tooth Brush Holder

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Have you ever struggled for a place to put your toothbrush, or lose your toothbrush because of a messy bathroom? Well, you can fix all of these things with this light-up toothbrush holder!

all you need to do is start by finding these following materials:


A reused flashlight or headlight

A reused pringles can

A hot glue gun and about 5-6 sticks

soldering wire and a soldering gun

black tape



Step 1: Get Your Materials

Take your reused flashlight or headlamp and disassemble it. (Make sure you do not break open the flashlight with a hammer for you may wreck some of the needed parts).

Now the first thing you will do is unscrew any outside screws holding the flashlight frame together. This will usually get to the inside parts of the flashlight.

Next, you will unscrew any screws holding the light together. After the light is removed the power switch or button will almost always be attached to the light so it should come out after you remove the screws which are attached to the structure.

Step 2: Solder

For this next step, you will need your battery pack, your light, soldering wire, and a solderer. The first thing you're going to do is take your battery pack and solder the negative panel side to the positive side of the button controlling the light than do the same to the other side.

Make sure that you test the button out before moving on, this is a crucial part of the project.

Step 3: Make Your Mold

For this step, you will take your Pringles can and you will cut a slit just big enough to put your power switch through, but make sure your slit opens and shuts easily. (This will be an important step for later on).

Step 4: Prepare

Before you start this step you may want to count your glue sticks because this next step requires about 5-6 glue sticks.

You will need to make a mold for your toothbrush for the next step. The first thing you will want to do is cut out a piece of wax paper just big enough to cover the toothbrush completely. Now just place the toothbrush inside the mold and glue it on to the base of the cup.

Now the second thing you will want to do is start up your hot glue gun to the max heat so the glue can come out faster. After this, you glue the light and battery pack to the bottom of the cup and let it dry.

Step 5: Finish Up

For this final step, you will need your pringles cup with the toothbrush, light and battery pack glued inside that you prepared from the last step and your hot glue gun. When you get your hot glue gun started to make sure it is at the max heat or else the glue comes out very slow (and trust me you need the glue to come out fast or you'll be sitting down for a while).

Then let the glue set for about 30 minutes or until it drys completely.

When the glue is done drying you will take a pair of scissors and cut off the rim of the pringles can. After you do this you will be able to peel the cardboard label off. It is ok if you do not peel the whole label as long as you don't have any of the green parts remaining.

Now, take a piece of white or gray paper and cut it to match measurements of the cylinder. Then take a piece of black tape and connect the two ends together, then wrap the tape around the top and bottom of the cylinder.

For the last part of this step, you will take a piece of tape and tape and tape it around the button to the paper.

There you have it guys a completed version of my light-up toothbrush holder!

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