Introduction: DIY Lolita Choker Collar / Headband

This is a quick tutorial on how to make a simple lolita styled choker collar that can also be used as a headband. Let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need:
white cloth
1 inch black ribbon
black lace
black tulle
lining (optional)

Step 2: Cut Your Materials

For the main band the width will be 2.5in and for the length measure the size of your neck. Add 1 inch to that length. (if you are making a headband the width would be 3in)

For the pleated top and bottom the width is 1.5 inches and the length will be double that of the main band.
The lace and tulle will be equal in leabth to the pleated band and the tulle will have a width of 2.5 inches to be folded in two.

For each of these peices you will need two.

Step 3: Iron Down Seams

For the main band I fold once and iron it down. For the pleated band I take about .5in, make two folds And iron it down

Step 4: Sew Pleated Bands

Sew the lace into the edge of the band with the folded seam.

Proceed to fold the band into pleats. I chose to use box pleats but you can use any pleat you prefer.

Next fold the tulle into two then gather it and sew it onto the band.

Repeat this step for the second band.

Step 5: Connect the Bands

Place the pleated bands between the main band and sew it down.

Step 6: Add Straps

For mine, one band measurement is eqaul the length of the main band. (you choose which ever length you prefer)
Fold the band over the main band and sew it down.

Step 7: And Your Finished