Introduction: DIY Magic Wands!

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Harry Potter Geek Crafts are some of my FAVORITE!

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Make your own Harry Potter inspired Magic Wands!


These turned out great--Not your generic magic wands!

I love the bright colors and the unique variety.

You won't find wands like this anywhere else on the internet!

This is the perfect craft for kids!
My 7, 11 and 13 year olds helped me.

(depending on your age of child, they can assist with different parts of the project)

Step 1: Supplies!

Made with sticks and polymer clay (oven bake clay)
Making this a very budget friendly project!

First, take a walk or a hike and find some sticks.
We picked curly, knobby roots and straight branches...

And you will need some oven bake clay.

I use this Sculpey multi colored pack. (affiliate link)

Step 2: Remove the Bark

We sat outside and whittled off the bark.

This is where some supervision is necessary, or with
small children, do this ahead of time.

Now our sticks are ready.
I wiped them all down with a damp cloth to get any dust off them.

Step 3: Now the Clay

Next, we used a Sculpey Polymer Clay Multi-color Sample Pack

These are great for getting a big variety of colors!
Then it was just a matter of playing with clay and adding fun elements to the sticks.

Lay them on a silicone mat on a baking tray.
About 6 fit on a tray at a time.

Then bake them in the oven according to package directions.

We did 275* for 30 minutes.

Then let them cool completely and you are done!
This is perfect because there is no painting or hot glue necessary!

Step 4: Enjoy! Cast Spells!

They are all bright colors and super appealing!
I mean, really, how could you resist these?

We did the Hogwarts House colors...

Some really thick sticks...swirls up the shaft...and buttons!

See the curly one that is bronze and teal?

It's my favorite!

We did some like the elder wand with strategic knots...

Some glow in the dark too!

Step 5: Let the Wand Choose You!

But remember, the wand chooses the which one will choose you?

These were the perfect party favors at our Harry Potter Party!

We blindfolded each child and set them in front of the table filled with wands...they had to pick one blind!

If it didn't seem like a good fit, I had them try a spell, which was always unsuccessful...and they picked again.

It was really fun! Fun for birthday party favors, gifts for geeks and more!

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