Introduction: DIY Marbled Mugs (Water Colored Mug) - Using Nail Polish

I put Pinterest to the TEST and tried out whether this DIY marbled mug idea works....enjoy :)

Step 1: Add Warm Water Into a Disposable Bowl

Make sure the bowl you use is disposable because by the end of the project the bowl will be filled with nail polish and it will be a bit tricky to remove it all.

Step 2: Choose the Nail Polish Colors

I chose two colors to give the mug some design and maybe show an ombre effect. Also a good tip is use the nail polish colors that you don't usually use, you might as well make some use out of them :)

Step 3: Quickly Pour Over the Nail Polish

As quick as you can you want to pour over the nail polish colors into the warm water because it starts to dry and get sticky. Also using a toothpick you can mix the colors together and make pretty designs.

Step 4: Place the Mug Into Bowl

Slowly place the mug into the bowl for about 10 seconds and then take it out.

Step 5: Remove From Bowl

After 10 seconds remove the mug from the bowl and you can see the awesome design you just created!

If you dont't like the design or the way it turned out grab some nail polish remove and rub it off and start again :)

Step 6: Washing the Mug Test.....

I wanted to test out whether the color will remain after washing the mug.....check out the video to see the result whether it was a pintesrest pass or pinterest fail :)

Check out the tutorial here: