Introduction: DIY Multiple Bracelet Pillow Display

This DYI multiple bracelet display pillow is very simple and takes very little fabric and time to create. I came up with the idea out of need and very little time. You can of course purchase these items from a jewelry display company, but I like the idea that I can make them out of scraps and also I can make any color I wish for any type of display I might want or need. It is a sewing project perfect for a beginner, so it is terrific to teach a young girl or boy how to sew, and they have a fun way to organize all those rubber band bracelets.

*This project can be done by hand if you do not have or wish to use a sewing machine


1. Muslin and matching thread (use what ever fabric scraps you want)

2. Stuffing

3. Ruler and scissors

4. Sewing machine and sharp needle in the appropriate size for you fabric choice

5. Hand sewing needle

Step 1: Directions

1. Cut a rectangle that is 13"x 8" out of your muslin (you can of course choose a shorter or longer length, and you can make the width smaller, however I would avoid making the width bigger, since most bracelets measure 6-7.5 inches around.)

2. Fold the fabric in half length wise, with the right sides together, and pin all around, leaving a three inch opening at the center of the length. Cut corner 1/8" from tip to make

3. Sew all around on a 1/2" seam allowance leaving on either side of the opening (make sure to back stitch at the opening to avoid the stitch coming undone).

4. Turn the fabric right side out and stuff the tube full so it is taught but not warped and buckling.

5. Hand stitch the opening closed and layer on the bracelets!

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