Introduction: Jewelry Bust Change-able Cover

I came up with this jewelry bust re-cover project out of need. I wanted to change all my jewelry bust displays from black to a lighter color. I found them available , however they were more expensive than buying new ones, and the colors where not what I wanted to use. Since I hate to waste money, I decided to come up with my own pattern. This also opened up my options, I can make them washable and I can change the color when ever I like.

*This project can be hand sewn, but it will be tricky to do this way because of the stretch in the elastic and fabric.


1. 2 way stretch velvet (you can also use any stretch fabric you like) and matching thread

2. 1/2" elastic

3. Measuring tape

4. Paper and pencil

5. Scissors

6. Sewing machine and size 12-14 ball point needle

7. Jewelry bust to cover

Step 1: Directions

1. Lay the jewelry bust upside down and trace the outside of the bust, rolling it if necessary.

2. Add 1 1/2"- 2" to the patter all around (I chose to not cover the base, if you wish to cover it add more to the bottom of the pattern) and mark the center of the top and bottom.

3. Using your pattern cut out the fabric and mark all the notches you made on the pattern for the centers. Just snip on the lines in about 1/4" or less to mark the center top and bottom.

4. Measure the outside circumference, divide it by two and add 1". This is the length to cut you elastic. ( Exp. If outer measurement is 12" you do 12/2+1 =7" and your elastic should be 7")

5. Fold the elastic and mark the center of the elastic with a pin.

6. Beginning at the center bottom of the fabric, sew the elastic to the fabric by stretch it to keep the fabric smooth Use a zig zag stitch on a wide setting and try to keep the elastic on the edge of the fabric so it looks clean and neat. Make sure to match the center top and of the fabric to the center of the elastic as you go. You should have an overlap of 1/2" at the end.

7. Roll the elastic in again towards the center and sew with a straight stitch making it smooth so the fabric makes no bubbles. (This step is optional. It makes for a very clean neat back but is not necessary.)

You are done! Cover the jewelry bust, put a necklace on it and admire the new fresh look!

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