Introduction: Fancy N Cool Name Bracelet Using Ice Cream Sticks

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How about making your name bracelet. Is that cool? This is what I made in my free time. We all Love our name, so I made this instructable on making a Name bracelet.

You can make one for yourself or can gift to your best friend,valentine.....

It is really soft, flexible & will not itch anyone's hand (if you think so).

I made letters simple, used single color. But you can make your's more attractive, creative. Use glitters, Colored sketch pens, nail polish (may be), polish pieces with wood polish and whatever you can do .....

I Hope you will LIKE what I made. :)

Step 1: Get Some Items


  1. Colorful Thread
  2. Wire (it should be bendable but can sustain shape)
  3. Ice Cream Sticks
  4. Velcro
  5. Glue
  6. & nothing else.

I used single strand electrical wire that I found at Home.

Step 2: Cut Ice Cream Sticks

Cut the Ice cream sticks of size as shown if fig.

One in square and another rectangular of 2cm X width of stick

Remove irregular spiky ends.

Make rectangular pieces twice as the amount of square pieces.

Decorate them now or later.

Step 3: Join Pieces Made

Join pieces as shown with the help of glue.

Rectangular + Square + Again Rectangular

Step 4: Bend Wire

Take wire.

Leave it long. No need to cut it.

Make wavy shape of wire.

Take width considering square shape of ice cream stick pieces.

Step 5: Starting Weaving (Small Side)

You can see how to weave the bracelet in Video.

Initially tie the thread as shown at the beginning of video.

As that of wire, leave the thread sufficiently long.

Step 6: Adding Letters

Add Letters.

Step 7: Weaving (Big Side)


  • How long strap you want
  • No. of Alphabets used

Step 8: Cut Extra Parts

First make sure that the wire and thread is tied properly.

Then cut extra portions of wire as well as thread.

Melt ends of thread using lighter if necessary.

Step 9: Attach Velcro

Attach Velcro to the bracelet (I sewed it with small regular thread)

Rough Velcro - external side of small belt

Smooth Velcro - Internal side of big strap. (So it will not itch your hand)

Step 10: Decorate Alphabets & It's READY !!!!

Write Alphabets you want on ice cream stick pieces with colorful sketch pens, Glitter, etc whichever you like.

Decorate them as you wish. (You can also do this step after step - 3)

And that's it, it's ready.......

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