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Hello Friends.In this tutorial I wil show you how to make christmas reindeer.These two pairs of reindeer made from newspaper tubes. Make this beautiful reindeer at home easily on this christmas .

Step 1: Materials :

to make this reindeer you need:


Craft wire

Wire cutter

Craft Glue

Hot glue gun

Paper cutter


Let's start with making paper tubes.

Step 2:

First of you need to make some paper tube out of newspaper.

Then cut the paper tubes as requied length as shown in figure.

Step 3:

Put the wire to these paper tubes except the smaller one(3cm tube) and Sealed one end with hot glue.

Step 4:

Then we will start to joint the all body parts. First I have joint the hind legs.The Procedure is:

Take one 10cm tube and 15cm tubes(which are hind legs).Stick it with the help of hot glue and Brace the joint with paper strips.Similarly joint the 14cm tubes to another side. To make the neck of reindeer Cut another 10cm tube little diagonally and stick it with hot glue.Also stick the tail with glue.bend a little the hind legs inward.

Step 5:

To joint the head take a 3cm tube and put craft wire inside it to make horn.

This is the whole procedure of making these 2 beautiful reindeer .

Step 6: DIY Reindeers

I have used golden acrylic color and glitter which make these reindeers more beautiful. i made a paper bow and paste it on the neck.Make this beautiful reindeer on this christmas eve and decorate your home.Also i am sharing the video to learn step by step..

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