Introduction: DIY Paper Wicker Christmas Tree | How to Make Paper Wicker Christmas Tree | DIY CraftsLane

Hello Friends. In this tutorial i am gonna show you how to make a paper wicker tree for christmas. To make this christmas tree we need:

Newspaper tubes

Cardstock paper


Thermocol balls

Step 1: Making of Cone

Make a cone shape with cardstock paper and apply glue.

Step 2:

Take six tubes and place it as shown in the figure.Apply glue to fix their position.Put that cone at the center and glue another tube to the one of crossed tubes.

Step 3:

Fold the tube and place above another tube.Do the same with next tubes.Make sure tubes must touch the cone.Repeat this procedure to the tip of cone. When you run out of tubes insert new tubes into the end. Cover entire top. Apply glue to all the tubes on top.Cut the tubes and remove the cone. glue the tubes and cut excess tubes.

Step 4:

I have used green acrylic color and some thermocol balls to decorate this. Put a star on the top of the tree. I have made that star using newspaper tubes. That's it :)

So on this christmas eve make this beautiful paper wicker christmas tree for your home.

Here I am sharing the video link of this video. Watch the video to learn step by step procedure to make it.

Step 5: Paper Wicker Christmas Tree