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Hello everyone!

I am back with new pattern tutorial.

This tutorial is the first part of the leather pant tutorial.

Here is all you’ll need:
-Pattern paper





-Pattern :

***My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15
***About Me :

Prenom // Name: Trudy Age: 20

Step 1: Basic Pattern

First, you will need to report the distance between your waist and your hips to your basic pattern. Then, make a mark the middle of the hem line. and from this line a straight line is drawn. And it ends a little bit nearthe knee line . As you can see, I connect the line of the hip and the right with the help of the curved ruler. Make sures that the meeting point is at the knee line. The basic pattern already has 1 cm of seam allowance included.

Step 2: Copy the Pattern

Now put your pattern paper over the basic pattern, in order to be able to copy the contours. I advise you to put some stuff on it to prevent the paper from moving while you trace. I use scotch tape, and it works. In order to add your seam allowance, make sure to leave some space between the two parts.. Also remember to indicate the names of each part and anything else you would like to indicate such as the size or the number of times each part should be cut. Although I show you these steps on the back piece of the pattern, they must also be repeated for the front part as well. And don’t forget the darts!

For the belt, you will simply draw a line at 1 cme from the middle line, which is normally dotted. The last step of this tutorial is the cutting of the leg parties.
You should have five pieces in total.

-Trudy Limp

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