Introduction: DIY Patriotic Flowers

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Hey lovelies! I am back with another fabulous DIY for you! Let's get started, shall we?

Brownie points for all who get that reference. ;)

Also, please note that these flowers are not outdoor safe. Mod Podge and moisture don't mix well. They are, however, completely safe for those who have allergies. So you can breathe easily. ;)

Here is what you need for this DIY:

-Red, white, and blue T-shirts



-Pipe cleaners

-Floral tape


-Flower template


-Pipe cleaners


-Mod Podge


Step 1: Will It... BLOOM?

Let's talk about that! ;)


Anyone who gets that reference is awesome. <3

Grab your shirts, your template, your pen, and your pins. Trace around your template and cut your flowers out. Each flower is made up of 6 petal shapes.

Step 2: Stemming From the Bottom...

Hey, you have to start somewhere. LOL

Grab your pipe cleaner and your floral tape and wrap it up. Bend the stem in half and wrap with more tape. You can leave your stems as they are if you have a taller vase. Since I don't have a taller vase, I'm folding the stems in half so they support the flower better.

Step 3: In the Center of It All...

Is where the magic happens. ;)

Now grab a scrap of your fabric and something round. I just traced around the top piece of my cat toy template. My circle was 2 inches across. Stitch around the outside edge of your circle and stick a bit of stuffing in the center. Pull the thread taut. You should have something that looks like a tiny drawstring bag. Glue it on the looped end of your stem and wrap the thread around it a few times, then tie it off. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 4: Blooms Away!


Anyway, grab your petal shapes and fold them in half. Cut a tiny slit in the center and slip them onto your stem.

Step 5: Floral Bases 101

Make sure they're all covered. ;)


Now grab your green felt and something round to trace around. I just traced around the inside of my floral tape roll. Cut the circle out and cut little notches around the outside edge. Cut a tiny circle out of the center and glue it on.

Place your lovely flowers in a vase, mason jar, or other container and enjoy!



Do you LOVE bling and sparkle? Well, keep reading to find out how to add these to your flowers. ;)

Step 6: Shimmer and Shine!

Grab your flower petal shapes and draw curved lines on the petals. Grab your Mod Podge and glitter and paint inside the crescent shapes. Let it dry completely. Paint over the glitter with more Mod Podge and let it dry. Put the flower together and pop it into a vase. Enjoy! :D


Do you want to make your patriotic flowers differently? Well, just grab some of your glittery flowers (you'll need 2 red, 2 white, and 2 blue) and repeat steps 1 through 5. ;) When you're putting your flower together, just alternate red, white, and blue twice. You can also put them together in the order of red, red, white, white, and blue, blue.

As always, thank you for checking this project out. If you make this, hit the little "I Made It!" button, or hit me up on Twitter @The_CraftyChica. Have a fabulous summer!

Edited June 2020 to add another method of making patriotic flowers.