Introduction: DIY Projects : How to Make an Origami Organizer

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For all my lovely followers on Instructables! I bring for you a super easy paper craft of a DIY Origami Organizer. this amazingly beautiful organizer will help you have everything in the right place arranged in a systematic and proper way. Girls can keep this superb and colorful Origami Organizer to keep their earrings, beads, bracelet charms, hair clips and all their tiny accessories neatly in this awesome craft.

From stationery supplies like sticky notes to paper clips and pins to rubber bands! Use this cool craft of DIY organizer to make your life, clean, simple and clutter free! Who knew DIY Paper Projects could be so useful!

Step 1: Get Your Craft Supplies Ready!

The DIY Origami Organizer is an absolutely hassle free craft! The very basics of craft supplies can give you a colorful DIY Origami Organizer!

Material You Need:

Colored papers


Double sided tape

Craft Glue




Glossy papers


Decorative Tapes

Step 2: Begin Making the Boxes!

Cut square shaped papers measuring 21 cms on each side and fold them to make a box for the organizer.

To learn how to fold the paper to make a box watch the video!

Make boxes of all colored papers in the same way.

Step 3: Prepare the Base of the Craft.

Take 3 cardboard pieces and join them in line with each other with the help of a double sided tape.

Cover them in blue paper and hide the central space of the cardboard with green paper, to prepare them for making the organizer.

Step 4: Decorate Your Boxes

Cover the inner base of the colored boxes with glossy sheets and the outer surface of the boxes with decorative boxes.

Step 5: Finish Your Craft

Paste the 3 boxes on the top, middle and bottom corner of the 3 card boards to arrange them like an Origami Organizer.


Now enjoy a clutter free life, and keep and find things in the right place! Learn and watch a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to make this colorful DIY Origami Shelves and forget the hassle of searching your things in a cluttered drawer of your desk!

For more of such cool and useful paper crafts that are easy to make and enjoyable DIY projects follow me on YouTube too!