Introduction: DIY Rabbit Toys (Part 2)

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This instructable is the part 2. To see part 1, go to my instructables page called moltcraft :)

This instructable will show you how to make more rabbit toys mainly out of toilet paper.


I put all of the supplies you will need in part 1 but you will basically need
• toilet paper
• rabbit treats (optional)
• dry grass or hay
And some other essential items like a craft knife

Step 1:

So the first toy is this toilet paper ball. You basically cut a toilet roll up so that you have several rings and then you slot them together. In the photo above, the ball on the left in the first picture is made out of less rings so you can put treats in the middle. This makes a fun rabbit game because you can put a treat in the ball and then wait for the rabbit to push it around and make the treat fall out.

Step 2:

This is another toy which you can put treats in. First you take a toilet roll and some hot glue and glue it so it looks like the photo above. Make sure you use non toxic glue sticks for the glue gun and only use a small amount of glue to protect your rabbits.

Step 3:

Then just cut a bunch of holes in the toilet roll. If you have bigger treats then make sure to cut bigger holes and vice versa.

Step 4:

Then just put some treats in it and watch the rabbit play!

Step 5:

This toy needs grass or hay. Put the grass or hay into three bunches and then use a clip to put them together. You then braid the hay and clip it at the other end.

Step 6:

Then tie the braid at both ends and you are done!

Step 7:

Thank you for looking at this instructable!
Just comment if you want me to do more rabbit toys in the future :)