Introduction: DIY Resin Necklace

Hello! today I will be showing you how to make a DIY resin necklace. I hope you like this tutorial!

Step 1: Materials

stickers/charms or other trinkets


resin mixing cups

stirring tool(crafting stick)

blank pendant


tape or glue

background paper(optional)

Step 2: Adding a Backing

If you want a backing on your pendant, for the first step, you need to trace the outline of it, and cut the traced piece of paper out. Then place it in the pendant to make sure it fits in nicely.

Step 3: Planning the Arrangement

For the next step, place the backing on a flat surface, and arrange the items where you want them to be. (If you choose not to have a backing you can arrange them on the pendant itself.)

Step 4: Assembling

For the next step, take the backing, and place a piece of sticky tape, or other glue on the back, and place it on the inside of the pendant.

Step 5: Pouring the Resin

For the next step, place the items of your choice onto the pendent, and then pour a little resin into a mixing cup. Then, gently tip the cup down towards the pendant and let the resin pour out. Be sure not to pour to much on the pendant, because it spreads quite fast and fills up any space without coverage quickly. If any spaces on the pendant aren't covered, take a popsicle stick or other crafting stick and gently move the resin over the spot that isn't covered.

Step 6: Finished!

And there you have it! your finished Resin necklace! I hoped that you liked this tutorial, and that you successfully made one of your own! post pictures or comments for me below!

Step 7: Drying Stage

Make sure to let the pendant dry over night in a place where it won't be disturbed. It may still be tacky in the morning, but it will be fully dried after 2 days.

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