Introduction: DIY Simple Laptop Stand

My computer is very old and constantly overheats, this easy to make laptop stand helps with cooling and viewing angles as an extra. Perfect for work stuff and media consumption.


  • 1 Carboard box or a piece of cardboard
  • Sisccors
  • A pen or sharpie
  • Your computer ( to measure the distance )

Step 1: Cardboard

Grab a small to medium box or piece of cardboard (I used a huge box but it is not really necessary), and unfold the sides in order to have a flat piece of cardboard.

Step 2: Measuring and Drawing

Grab your laptop and measure the distance you have to cover. Make sure the top end of your diagonal line meets with a bend in the box or create one.You can also measure before hand and just draw the diagonal line with a ruler but it is faster this way.

After you draw your first diagonal line draw a triangle like shape with a bump at the end to hold the laptop and mirror the drawing on the other side of the crease. (Like in the image)

Step 3: Cutting

After you cut your initial drawing following the lines, you then need to cut a rectangle (aprox. 20cm in length and 10 in heigth), then in that rectangle cut some slots to insert the triangles in the second step. ( make sure your slots are big enough to fit the width of the cardboard). It will be assembled like the image shows.

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