Introduction: Giant Flip Flop - Cat Scratcher

My cats are always stealing my flip flops so I decided to make a giant flip flop they can scratch and lay down in, the straps are wrapped in rope so they can scratch and chew it.


I used:

8 roughly 30x30cm foam squares

A sharpie

A box cutter

Some clear tubing I found ( you can also use a thicker rope instead)

Thin rope to wrap around the tubing

Step 1: Grab and Arrange Your Foam Squares

My foam squares are of different colors and have little squares inside so in this step you should arrange them how you see best.

Step 2: Draw the Flip Flop

For this step I took a picture of my foam squares and put and image of one on top in order to maximize the space and give me a general idea of the lines I should draw.

Step 3: Cut It and Make Some Holes

I used a box cutter for this, make sure you do clean lines and don't try to cut it all in one go or you'll be more likely to make a mistake, you can do multiple passes in order to cut it all the way through depending on the thickness of your squares.

Step 4: Straps

Measure, cut and wrap your tubing, I designed and 3d printed a quick cover to put underneath the flip flop so the tubing would just pop out, just like real flip flops.

Step 5: Join the Straps and Enjoy

To make the joint for the straps I wrapped the tubing with the same rope and glued it together with a hot glue gun (optional).

Enjoy! (If you want to sweeten the deal add just a pinch of catnip in order to introduce your flip flop to your cats).

They love it!

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