Introduction: DIY Suede Shift Boot Cover.

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Designing, patterning, and sewing a shift boot/knob cover.

Tools required.
Sewing Machine (optional)

Materials required.
Leather, Suede, Alcantara, Fabric, Microfibre.

Step 1: Cut and Layout Patterns

Have all your materials prepped and ready to sew.
Patterns may vary depending on shift knob and shift boot size.
Here I decided to combine the two into one continuous pattern.

Note the pre-stitch (1/8" in from the edge of the material)
this can be achieved by hand or machine.

Step 2: Lay Out Patterns

Lay them out onto the shift knob.

Step 3: Start Sewing!

With your needle and thread weave between the 1/8" pre-stitched border.

Step 4: Sewn Tight

Be sure to pull those seams tight.
The material will stretch to form the shape.

Step 5: Install

Install and enjoy!

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