Introduction: DIY Survival Spice Pack

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I saw the straw melting idea somewhere on the web. I thought that would be nice to make a spice pack what I can bring with me anywhere :)

Step 1: Check Out the Video

This isn't a complicated project but the video can really help to understand all the details so I suggest you to check it out!

Step 2: #1

First of all you need some straws! The size and colors totally depends on your choice.

Cut them for the size which fit into your container where you going to store them.

Step 3: #2

Next step is to take a plier. I used one with a thin end that worked me well.

Squeeze the plier nearly 3 mm/0,12 inch from the end of the straw.

Take a lighter and melt the overhanging end of the straw.

When it's melted quickly squeeze the melting part with plier to stick the two sides together.

This is how to make it airtight!

Step 4: #3

I made a simple "jig" from a tweezer and a small block of wood. I just nailed them together.

This jig gave me a good stand to fill the tubes.

For the first try I used salt to fill up the straw tube. When I it's filled nearly to the end (It's important to leave enough space for melting the other end) I used squeeze-melt-squeeze method again and stick the other end of the tube also.

This way I got a nice airtight salt package ready to go :)

To know what is inside I labelled the pack with sharpie.

Step 5: #4

I wanted to test the melted closing so I filled another tube with liquid.

The method was the same the only plus step is to wipe off the outside of the tube to remove all the liquid.

That was vinegar ;)

Step 6: #5

There are countless possibilities! Just release your mind and put it what you want!

Step 7: #6

I needed something which can hold the "spice packs" and I decided to use an empty tic-tac box.

The other problem was How can I open a pack? To solve that problem I put a razor blade into the box.

That is how it looks like :)

Step 8: The End

It's simple to use just take out the razor blade (watch out for your fingers) and cut off the end of the spice pack and season what you want :)

If you have a lot invites to tasteless dinners there is no hunger any more just bring your survival spice pack with you filled up with your favorite spice mix and you can enjoy every meal. Or just filled up with sugar If you always get trouble with no sweet enough coffees :) Or you might have a lot of other ideas to use this :)))

Thanks to read this article and if you have any question or suggestion please let me know in the comment section. I try to answer as many as I can!

See you next time

Step 9: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video Please

As always thanks for your support!