I am back with a special tutorial for you guys. I’m going to show you how I turned this Levis jean that I fell in love with even if it does not fit me well. FYI, I found this jeans in the old stuff of my mom. she did not want to lend it to me but I took it anyway. And when she knows it I will have already transformed her jeans! As you can see, it’s too long, and too big at the waist. I'm pissed off because I fell in love with these jeans but our love is impossible. sS I will do everything to make it possible.

For this DIY you’ll need:






-Measuring band

My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

About Me:

Name: Trudy

Age: 19

Step 1: Open the Legs

First of all, I started by opening the legs, so that I could exploit as much fabric as possible. For this, I used a seam ripper but it is much faster and easier with a pair of scissors! I recommend the scissors method because it's really boring to undo all the seams.

Step 2: The Molding

Then I put on the jeans. And after turning it all around, I finally got the idea of a pretty offbeat skirt. To be clear, I made a mold on my person using my little pins. Once you've done, remove the skirt without removing the pins because your molding will be ruined. And be careful because the pins sting!

Step 3: The Skirt

As you can see, I choose an approximate length because at this point, I had not yet decided anything for the hem. FYI, I ended up with a 50 cm long skirt. Using a red chalk, I draw the outline of my skirt that I will cut before sewing the sides.

Step 4: Pockets & Seams

After a second fitting, I found my back pockets too close to each other, so I decided to put one a slightly crooked. So that's what I'm doing here. As a precaution, I do not recommend using scissors. I also laid down my side seams to recreate the double seams found on the jeans.

Step 5: Frayed Hem

At this point, my skirt is almost ready. Once again, I am using my measuring band in order to mark my final length which is about 45 cm. I opted for a frayed hem. In order to create this frayed effect, I just rub the blade of my scissors against the bottom of the skirt. With the same technique, I also made ripped jeans effects on the pockets, the belt and the fly. It’s decoration, so you can do whatever you want.

Step 6: Before // After

So here is the before/after pics! I am quite happy with the result and I hope you too. If that's the case do not hesitate to like the video and subscribe to my channel! Do the same for my instagram page ( Trudy_limp ). See you in my next tutorial!

-Trudy Limp