Introduction: DIY Transfer a Photo to a Canvas

In this project I show how to transfer a photo to a canvas using a Laser printed photo, a canvas and white glue. Modge podge is a very good transfer medium, but white glue works as well as modge podge.

This DIY project is very easy, we only need:

- A photo, printed in a laser printer (an inkjet printed photo will not work properly)

- White glue (Modge podge or transfer medium also work for this)

- A brush

- A piece of cardboard (or something hard, to flatten the photo)

- A sponge

- Water

-... and a bit of patience!

Step 1: Preparing the Canvas

In this first step, we only have to put some glue on the canvas: enough to create a thin layer of glue, but not too much, as it will make it very difficult to work with afterwards.

After putting the layer of glue on the canvas, we let it rest for a couple of minutes and then put the photo (white side up)

Carefully flatten it with the cardboard, trying to avoid wrinkles. If you put too much glue, the paper will become too moist and you will get plenty of wrinkles...

Step 2: Rub It Off!

Now, we let the canvas dry overnight, so the photo gets properly stack to it.

Using the sponge and water, softly rub off the uppermost layer of the paper, thus unraveling the photo below.

Do it very softly, especially in the beginning: if you put too much pressure into the canvas, you will tear off parts of the photo.

The best way of doing this is in two rounds: first, remove the main chunks of paper until you can see the photo.

Then, let it dry for an hour and take a second round with the sponge for the thin layer of paper that may remain there. Repeat this process until you are happy with the result.

If during the process you tear off part of the photo, and it gives an undesirable effect (small scratches can make the photo more "vintage" looking!), we just have to use the sponge and rub harder, so the whole photo will disappear and we can start over!

...and if we get tired of the photo and want to put a new one, we can follow the same process to remove the photo from the canvas, let it dry overnight, and start over!