Introduction: DIY G-Clef Inspired Ring

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This is a simple treble clef inspired ring I made while practicing to make more swirls! I wanted to make a treble clef pendant but ended up making a ring.

It was fun to make and I hope you enjoy making one too ^_^

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make g-clef ring you'll need:

  1. Craft wire- 18 gauge,
  2. Craft pliers,
  3. Mandrel.

Step 2: The Swirl

Hold the wire from an end,

Make a small loop on that end,

Circle the wire around the loop 2 times.

Step 3: Measuring

After making the swirly part you'll have to measure your ring size.

Leave the wire straight (double the length of your ring size).

Step 4: The Loops

Leave the wire straight (your ring size) for the ring,

Then, make a loop making sure that its size is appropriate with the swirly part,

Notice that after making the big loop the wire is bent to 90 degrees with the straight ring part,

Make another small loop at the end of the bent part of the wire.

Step 5: The Ring

Simply wrap the straight part around the mandrel.

Make sure to keep the swirly part on the top.

You can easily adjust the ring for 2-3 sizes.

Enjoy! ^-^

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