Introduction: DIY Upcycled Embroidery Floss Bobbins

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Hey, y'all, I'm back with another fast DIY! This one's going to solve a problem you didn't know you had until I said something: Lack of bobbins for your embroidery floss! ;)

Are you a lover of all things embroidery, cross stitch, bracelet making, or crewel? Do you find yourself sorely lacking in the embroidery floss bobbins department? Well, despair no more! :D I'm here to save the day-armed only with an empty plastic gift card (I know y'all have tons of those sitting around collecting dust right now. Don't lie. LOL) and some ingenuity! Let's go! :D

Step 1: Bobbin' and Weavin'

And dodgin' the boredom! Whoop whoop!

Haha, it wrote itself that time. I swear. ;)

For this project, you need:

-An empty plastic gift card

-Embroidery floss

-Washi tape


Step 2: Bending Over Backwards...

Now grab your card and fold it in half. It should look like some sort of really tiny weird tent. Bend it back and forth a few times, then cut the card in half. Now cut the rounded edges off.

Step 3: Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em...

Now fold the two pieces in half again so you have two small pieces.

Step 4: Well, That Sticks!

Ohh, yeah! :D

Now grab your washi tape and stick it on your piece. Grab your pencil and draw the sides of the bobbin on the tape. You should have something that looks like a bracket with diagonal lines instead of straight ones. Carefully cut them out and remove your tape.

Step 5: You Wind Me Up!

Now cut a slit at the bottom of your bobbin and wind your thread onto it.

Enjoy your upcycled bobbins! They last forever and they are 100% free! :D You can also make these with the boxes wraps come in at Walmart or the plastic containers you get takeout food in. Just be careful while cutting them out. And I recommend taking a nail file to the edges so you don't scratch yourself.

As always, thank you for checking this DIY out! If you recreate it, I'd love to see it! Just hit me up on Twitter @The_CraftyChica, or hit the "I Made It!" button. Have fun and stay safe out there, y'all.