Introduction: DIY Vintage Jewellery Box

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Want to get someone a gift? But can't find a good piece? Here it is. A vintage jewellery box. A simple piece which shows how much a person means to you by a glance to the effort you put in for them! Even if not as a gift, you can always make it for yourself. I made it specifically a jewellery box as a gift for a friend, though you can customize it to whatever you like; from pen holder to paperclip organizer or basically anything else. So let's begin!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

● Ice-cream (or popsicle sticks)
● A small piece of canvas or artificial leather (You even can use cardboard).
● Glue gun
● Duct tape
● Acrylic paint and paint brushes
● Lace
● Something decorative (optional)

Step 2: Base

Take a stick and glue it down on your piece of canvas. Along the length of the glued stick, lay out some more sticks as shown and glue them. Rotate the piece and repeat the process so as to make a criss-cross pattern. Cut the excess canvas so that none is showing from the sides. Your base is done.

Step 3: Sides

On one of the sides, take a stick and glue it down so that the broader end is facing the narrower end. Do the same for the opposite side. Now rotate the base and repeat the process for both sides as shown in the images.

Step 4: Continue

Continue glueing sticks to opposite sides in one go. When you reach the height you want for your box, you may stop. My height was about 4.5 cm.
Now your box is done; let's move onto the lid.

Step 5: Lid

Take again a piece of canvas and glue your sticks in such a way that each broader end is adjacent to a narrower end and vice versa. Cut away the excess canvas.Now flip over the canvas piece and repeat the process but in a 90 degree rotated position. Flip back to the front and glue the sticks perpendicular to the sticks in the base. This will ensure a strong lid. Now you may leave it at that or glue down four glue sticks two on each side - the broader end facing the narrower - as shown in the images.
Your lid is done.

Step 6: Attach

Now you are going to attach the lid to the box. Take a piece of duct tape and stick it halway through to the bottom face of the lid. Now stick the rest of the piece on to the box as shown in the images. Cut away any excess tape. Put down the lid and press it firmly to the box. Your jewellery box is done. Now let's head on to the decorations.

Step 7: Paint

The fun part. Decorate it however the way you desire. Or just follow my lead. Grab your acrylic paints and paint some flowers. I used silver paint instead of white paint to give my flowers a glittery effect. After adding leaves, I gave a tinge of dark brown to the flowers to give a nice vintage look.
Then I applied strokes of dark brown to the whole box so that it is all nice and rusty. Now grab a dark brown marker and add in bits of cursive text on the cover. You are almost done!

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Take your lace and glue it round the perimeter of the top of the box. You can leave all of this, but everything just enhances when you decorate. I also took four little decorative flowers and glued them on the cover.

Step 9: Done

VOILA! YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY DONE. Now whether it is a birthday or a Valentine's day or simply a day when you are feeling really ambitious, you know what to do.

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