Introduction: DIY Wall Decoration Idea: How to Make a Paper Wreath for Home Decoration

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Take up some easy art and craft ideas ,let your imaginative juices flow and create this innovative DIY Home Decoration Wreath. This Colorful Home Decoration Quilling Wreath invites happiness, goodness, and the spirit of mirth and laughter along with your friends and loved ones. Your door will love you for decking it up with the amazing looking Colorful Home Decoration Wreath.

Step 1: Lets Check Out the Material Required!


Colored Paper

Wool in different vibrant colors

Green Silk Cloth

A pair of Scissors



Green Tape

Thermocol balls

Quilling Strips

Quilling Tool (Needle)


4 pieces of decorative glass (circular and diamond shape)

Step 2: Create the Base of Your Craft.

Take a circular cardboard cut out and start winding and wrapping the wool on it.

Continue to wrap the circular cardboard with colored wool and cover a small portion of the cardboard

Step 3: Let Us Learn How to Quill.

Begin by taking quilling strips in colors of Brown and green. You can opt for any colors of your choice.

Take a brown strip and apply some glue on one of its ends. Now paste the green colored strip onto it joining the two of them.

With the help of a Quilling needle, insert the tip of the needle into the given loop in the strip and begin rolling the paper strip onto the needle giving you a tight coil in the end.

Put some adhesive in the end of the strip and seal the roll. You will achieve tight coils made from Quilling Strips.

Time to add the tight coils onto the craft. Take the tight coils and apply glue to them. Paste them on to the central space, on the edge of the inner circle, which is not covered with wool.

Take the white thermocol balls and slice them into half from the centre with the help of the cutter and paste them in the inner circle close to the tight coils.

Step 4: Make Quilled Miniature Colorful Pink and Blue Flowers

Take a Blue color paper in combination with a yellow colored strip.

Take a quilling needle and insert it in the given loop in the strip and roll to make a tight coil. Seal the tight coil with the help of glue.

Take a blue color paper and cut it in dimensions of 2 x 20 cm

With the help of a pair of scissors, make small cuts at a very close distance and cut in a fringe-like pattern along one side of the length of the strip.

Take the yellow tight coil made earlier and wrap this fringe-like cute strip of paper around the Tight coil and paste the end with glue, to make the quilled miniature flower.

Repeat this procedure to make multiple flowers.

Step 5: Add Flowers and Leaves to Your Craft Base.

Now take the Green silk cloth and cut out leaves out of it and paste the leaves close to the point where you ended wrapping the wool on the cardboard.

Take the Quilled miniature flowers that you made and arrange them in a decorative pattern on the cardboard, on the points where the wool starts and ends on the cardboard.

Take some thermocol balls in bright colors and cut them into halves and applying some glue on the outer edge of the cardboard stick these colored thermocol balls on the cardboard with the curved side facing upwards.

Step 6: Design Your Craft, Your Way!

Arrange the small flowers where the cardboard curves and decorate the cardboard with more flowers arranging them in any desired pattern.

Add the last touches with the decorative mirrors.

Paste them onto the Colored Wreath, on the colored wool and make sure they are at an accurate distance from each other.

Step 7: Your Craft Is Ready!

There you have it! Your very own DIY Colorful Wreath is all set to add beauty to your Home decorations.

Step 8: Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make Colorful Wreath

Eager to learn how to make Colorful Wreath step-by-step?Simply click on the Video and enjoy making this Colorful Wreath.