Introduction: DIY Wall Hanging Home Decoration Using Paper Flowers!

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The home is our paradise where we find peace and stability with our family members! After a long and tiring day stepping into the home always give freshness and relaxation. To make this paradise more stunning and lovely, we have a beautiful wall hanging! Since eras, we have been using different home décor items to make the home look glorious and stunning and here we are with an iconic DIY wall hanging .

On the home entrance, in your balconies, in your private reading nooks and some beautiful places of your home, you can hang this colorful and pretty DIY wall hanging which will not only brighten up the look of the area but will also help you embrace your creative side!

Here Is A Simple And Easy Method To Make This Lovely DIY Wall Hanging!

Step 1: The Things You Will Need

  1. Colourful crepe papers (to make
  2. flowers)
  3. Medium sided golden beads
  4. Bright and large decorative beads
  5. Beautiful pearls
  6. Adhesive
  7. A golden shiny lace or ribbon
  8. Embroidery ring
  9. Needle and thread for stitching
  10. Scissors
  11. Ruler
  12. Pencil
  13. Glue gun and glue stick
  14. Toy stuffing

Step 2: Let's Cut the Crepe Papers for Making Flowers!

  • We will start the wall hanging with the paper flowers. For this, you will need the crepe paper. Open up the crepe paper and cut it as per the dimensions 7x20. Use your ruler, scissors and pencil to measure and cut.
  • Similarly, cut 2 other crepe papers of size 6x20 and 5x16. This way, you will get three crepe papers of different sizes.
  • Once you get the 3 different sized crepe papers, it’s time to make some creative design! Take any paper, fold it from the centre horizontally. Now, fold the paper 2 times vertically. You can also refer the video for the proper folds. After folding, draw a zig zag pattern on the edge of the paper. Now, cut the paper design with a scissor.
  • This way, you will get a stunning zig zag design on the both sides of the crepe paper! This is a beautiful design which will help the flowers get a natural look!

Step 3: Let's Make the Crepe Paper Flowers!

  • The third step is to make the paper flowers with the help of the crepe papers. For this you will need a thread and needle. Take stitches on the top edge of the paper which will get nice ruffles. If you are still confused, stitch the crepe paper as shown in the video.
  • Stitch the edges and merge them together and this will give you a perfect round zig zag paper flower! Sew the end and tie a knot to complete the flower. Cut the remaining thread with a scissor. It is a paper and thus, you can also stick the loose edges of the flower with adhesive. In this same way, make the flowers from 2 other papers.

Step 4: Let's Make the Beautiful Flower Buds!

  • Now that you have made your paper flowers, it’s time to get the beautiful flower buds. For this, you will need to use the yellow crepe paper. Cut the yellow crepe paper in medium sized square shapes. Fill the toy stuffing in this paper and you will get a small round flower bud. Tie this bud with a thread.
  • Make flower buds of different sizes with this cool technique!
  • The next step is to stick the buds on the flowers. Get the three different sized flower buds, cut the extra paper from the bud with the help of scissors and paste it on the flower. With the help of glue gun, carefully stick the bud on the flower.
  • Similarly, stick all three buds to the paper flowers and set these flowers aside to stick properly.

Step 5: Let's Make the Flower Sepals!

  • The flowers and flower buds are done and thus, we proceed with the green crepe paper. Wondering what is the use of this paper? It issued to make the glorious flower sepals! Take the green crepe paper and cut it by the measure of 7x7 cm. We have made the flowers and the buds of 3 different sizes and for this too, we need 3 different sizes. Get one green crepe paper of size 5x5cm, another of size 6x6 cm.
  • To make the flower sepals, fold the square paper 5 times creating a triangle like structure. Now trim the edges of the folded paper to get a perfect zig zag flower sepal. You can watch the video for cutting the folding and cutting the green crepe paper!
  • Your flower sepals and flowers are ready with three different sizes. Now, you need to stick the sepals on the base of the flowers. For this, apply some adhesive on the top of the flower sepal and stick the flower. Stick all three sepals with the flowers with the adhesive.

Step 6: Let's Make Decorative Chains for Hanging!

  • The next step is to use the decorative elemens on the flowers. Get the pearls, decorative beads and golden beads. With the help of thread and needle, place a golden bead in bottom of the flower and then layer the beads turn by turn on the top of the flower.
  • You can watch the video to know how to stitch the beads and prepare the wall hanging with beads. Layer the beads in a format shown in the video. Layer the beads and pearl and then add the small sized flower on the top. Again add the beads and pearls and top it with the smallest flower. Perform this step for all the flowers and layer the beads making a beautiful chain. This will get the largest flower in the base and smallest on the top which looks beautiful!
  • Layer the top flower with the beads and pearls and you will get one full chain of flowers and beads ready for your wall hanging. Similarly, make some more chains of different lengths to prepare the wall hanging. Add more beads and pearls to vary the length of the complete chains.
  • When all the chains are ready, we need to blend these chains using the embroidery ring. Tie different chains on the embroidery ring with the help of threads. Place these chains according to the length. This will create a beautiful up down pattern on the embroidery ring. Also use the glue gun to get more perfect finish and completely stick the chains to the embroidery ring.
  • You will need approximately 10-12 chains for a perfect wall hanging!

  • Now that the entire wall hanging is ready, we will also use the decorative golden lace to create a hook for hanging. On 4 edges of the ring, paste the golden lace with the help of glue gun. This way, you will get a balanced hook which will let the hanging hang correctly!

Step 7: Your Beautiful DIY Wall Hanging Is Ready!

  • If you love to add some extra beautiful touch to the décor items, here is another décor idea which will make the hanging more stunning. Stick the beautiful pink pearls on the golden lace studded embroidery ring. Apply the glue with glue gun and stick the beads properly! This will give a great glow to the hanging!

With this, your stunning and creative DIY wall hanging with Paper flowers is ready!

Making some decorative crafts for our home is very special and thus, whenever you get some free time, utilize your creativity in making such amazing DIY crafts. It will save your money and will also get your time utilized in preparing something flawless for your home!

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