Introduction: DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs

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Here you will learn how to make these lovely coffee mugs! Great as a gift or why not a treat to your self? :)

Item Required:

  • Nail polish
  • Container (use a old plastic container sins it will be colored by the nail polish!)
  • Paper
  • Grill stick
  • Mugs!

Step 1: Dip!

Pour some finger warm water into the container. Then drip nail polish into the water. The "fresher" the nail polish is the better it will spread! Go crazy.. Mix different colors or stick to one. Then use your grill stick to spread and swirl the nail polish in the water.

Before the nail polish starts to harden grab your mug and dip the mug into the water. Try to rotate the mug to apply more of the nail polish to the surface of the mug. Try to not get any of the nail polish into the mug (where the drink will be).

If there is a lot of nail polish on the surface left after the mug is in the water, use a grill stick to remove the remains and lift the mug up from the water.

Quick list!:

  • Pure nail polish
  • spread with grill stick
  • Dip your mug
  • Let it be in the water for a few seconds
  • Remove any remains of nail polish with grill stick
  • Remove mug from water
  • Let it Dry! :)

The mug can not be washed in a washing machine, so you need to hand wash them!

Step 2: Watch This! :)

This is a video we made for the project!

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Thanks for reading this instruction! :) Take care and we see you in the next one!

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