Introduction: DIY Upcycled Forest Heels

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Do you have some old heels you love but are just getting, well, old? Here I will show you how to take a pair of old faux leather heels into forest princess ready!

here is what you need:

green acrylic paint

brown acrylic paint

paint brush

paint sponge brush

hot glue

super glue



vine looking deco ( got mine from a craft store)

Step 1: Prep Your Shoes

Make sure to clean any dirt or anything off your shoes before you paint them. Her are the shoes I chose for the project. I cut the bow off the side.

Step 2: Painting Your Shoes

I used the paint sponge brush because it gave a moss looking appearance. The paint color is moss like. Use only a little paint for the first coat. I did two coats just to be safe but you can do one more if needed.

Step 3: Painting the Heels

I used the paint brush for the heels because it made it look like wood along with a wood brown paint. I also did two coats.

Step 4: Coating

Now when your paint is dry it is time to varnish. For this two I used the reg brush and did two coats of varnish on both the shoes and heels.

Step 5: Decorating Your Shoes

Now this is the most creative part of all, You need to get your moss and fake vines and so like a "landscape" on your shoes. I did the vine around the heel to look like it is growing up the heel. I used hot glue to secure then to the shoes.

I hope you liked this tutorial, any questions just comment!

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