Introduction: DIY1705 - MAKE YOUR HEADBAND

About: I am a denim upcycler. I beautify flaws and brokenness of old jeans because I think being damaged shouldn’t be the end of the story, but something more like a cliffhanger for the next chapter. My aim is …

This turban headband provide options from a day at work to a jaunt on the beach or a lazy Sunday brunch in the park. You will definitely find great matches between these darling pieces and almost any of the outfits you have in your closet.

Download our pattern and make your headband by following 10 simple steps upcycling jeans that you don't wear anymore.

Step 1: Watch This Video:)

Step 2: Reuse a Pair of Lt. Weight Jeans

Step 3: Download Our Pattern

Step 4: Trace and Cut the Fabric.

Step 5: Overlay Each Pieces Right Side in and Sew From One Corner to the Other.

Step 6: Turn Both Pieces Right Side Out.

Step 7: Cross the Two Pieces in the Center of Each.

Step 8: Cut an Elastic Piece of 10 Cm (4”). the Elastic Need to Be 4 Cm Wide (1”3/4).

Step 9: Fix the Elastic at Each Edge of Each Piece.

Step 10: Insert 1 Cm (3”8) of the Elastic in Each of the Remaining Ends, Then Turn the Seam Allowance ​​inward and Topstitch.

Step 11: Share Your Project #denimupcyclers

Step 12: Wear It :).