Introduction: DIY:Vibrant Backless Maxi Dress With Slit

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DIY a vibrant backless maxi dress with slit

What you'll need:

1 yard of muslin

2 1/2 yards of fabric (stretch)


Draping Tape


Dress form

Sewing Machine


Rulers (straight & curved)


Step 1: Make the Skirt

With wrong side facing up measure how long you want the skirt to be. I measured from my natural waist down to floor. I put on heels also. No toes showing. After you cut the length that you want, sew each side together.

Step 2: Make Your Pleats

I made two big pleats in the front and back. I grabbed a skirt that I already had and that fits really well. I did that so I could gauge the width of skirt when I added the pleats.

Step 3: Make the Waistband

I took my waist measurement and added two inches and then divided by 2. I divided it by 2 because I cut the fabric with the material doubled. Example: both waistband pieces measure for 14 inches so if you sew them together you get 28 inches all together.

Step 4: Let's Make the Top of the Dress

1. I used draping tape to create my design. If you don't have draping tape you can use a small ribbon and pins.

2. I then used a piece of muslin and a sharpie to trace my draping tape design. Trace each panel separately.

3. Add half inch seam allowance to each pattern piece.

4. Pin it back on the dress form to make sure it fits.

Step 5: Time to Cut

Cut all the pattern pieces out. Match up the pieces and sew them together. But first the neck piece will need to have stabilizer ironed on to it. This keeps the neckline from stretching out. Once all the pieces are sewn together add hooks and eyes to neck piece. (I used a set of two)

Finish the armhole. Fold the armhole in, just a small fold. Then fold it again, pin it and sew it down.

Step 6: Make the Back Ties

I cut 4 pieces of fabric that were about 3 inches wide and I sewed them together with the rights sides facing each other. I did not sew the ends closed because I turned the the strap ties inside out and sewed them to the back panel of the top.

Step 7: Sew the Top to the Skirt

With right sides together and the top facing the bottom of the skirt, pin the top to the skirt. Sew it together, hem the bottom of the skirt and you are done!!!

Happy Sewing

Step 8: