Introduction: Daisy Chain Choker

This is my first instructable. I am trying to keep the instructions very simple. I spent less than $5 and I have plenty of material left for future projects.
Hope you love it!!!

Material list
• Very fine nylon beading thread (I already have this with me. You can get it at Joann Fabrics for about $1.35)
• 1 set of toggle clasp (from Walmart - $2.00 for package of 8 sets)
• Small pack of metallic silver beads (Joann Fabrics - on sale for $0.90)
• Small pack of semi transparent silver beads (Joann Fabrics – on sale for $0.90 )

I have used 2 different types of beads so there is a slight variation of color and sparkle. I would like the piece to have a more interesting texture.

Skill level
• Easy

Time needed
• 2- 3 hours

• refer to the beading diagrams

I have used semi transparent beads for the flower petals and leaves.
I have used metallic silver beads all the other parts of the necklace.

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