Dangle Bullet Shell Earrings




Introduction: Dangle Bullet Shell Earrings

Bullet shells to elegant earrings.


- 6 empty .22 bullet shells

- Earring hooks

- Small jump rings

- Headpins

- Jewelry pliers

- Brass polish

- Drill or Dremel

Step 1: Drilling

Drill a small hole through the top of each bullet shell. Clean and polish the brass.

Step 2: Bullet Shells

Put a headpin through the bottom of the bullet shell. Bend the headpin down at the top. Cut off the extra wire. Use round nose pliers to bend the headpin into a loop. Repeat this step on the other five shells.

Step 3: Earrings

Attach six jump rings to each hook. Put a bullet shell on the first, third, and last jump rings.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I have done a few bullet related jewelry things too. By the way if you want to get a really good deep shine on the brass use some cardboard with the brass polish (brown corrogated seems to work best) instead of a cloth, it is very slightly abrasive and cleans them up to a high shine, then clean of the excess with a cloth. A quick squirt of clear aerosol varnish and you never have to clean them again