Introduction: Dead Master's Scythe

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I got bored and started looking up random anime weapons. I found the Dead Master's Scythe and decided to make my own version.

Step 1: Stuff Used for My Scythe

I found out the hard way that spray paints won't work on this, neither does hot glue (both melted the foam, heat melts it and the chemicals in spray paint).
I used truck bed liner, 2 inch polystyrene, a 3/4 inch PVC pipe about 5 foot long, random assortment of blades for cutting and carving, marker, heat gun, and an attachment for my drill that rips through the foam alit faster.
A couple sponge brushes (cheap), and the gorilla glue. The glue is designed to foam as it cures, so it looks good when finished.

Step 2: Hard Work Has to Start Somewhere...

I made the stencil from an actual picture I found on the internet. I just brought it up on the TV and traced. I taped some papers together and held it to the TV. Didn't have to freehand it, made it go quicker, and can work for anyone from seasoned pro to the stick people makers.
Cut the stencils out, set to the foam and cut using the blades.

Step 3: The Inventive Part

After I cut out the foam, I shaved the sides to give it more definition. I drew a line though the "center" of the spine.
I guess I should point out that the scythe was supposed to be made from bone...
Anyway, I cut along my line and hollowed out enough of it to fit the PVC into it.
The PVC was heated with the heat gun and slowly bent to match the curve of the spine. I also made sure to flatten the end of the pipe so it'd fit a bit more snug into the blade.
Once the pipe was bent and cooled then I put it into the foam spine. It takes awhile to dry (a few hours to cure) so I just through on some zip ties to hold it.

Step 4: Then Do This...

After the glue dried I carved the foam more to give it a smoother flow from top to the bottom piece, and trimmed the excess glue that seeped out through the cracks. The handle can be done any way you want. I read some people added tape for texture and plaster for a better "boney" effect. Whatever you do decide to do, I just decided (in the end) to just go with colored electric tape. No paint rubbing off onto your hands, no toxic smelling chemicals to deal with, no excess messes (you get a lot from shaving the foam down), and the tape was cheap.
Finally I brushed on the plasti dip (truck bed liner). The aerosol type ate the foam. After it dried I added more tape for the handle.

Step 5: Last Words, Totals and Rambling

I built this just for my renaissance costume. I always thought it was odd everyone wanted to be a knight, or an elf, or fairy but no one ever seemed to dress like the bad guys that made them the "heroes". But that's me!
I went big for effects, that's why I used the more expensive 2 inch foam, you could go with half, or one inch, and make a front and back side instead of having so much to carve out (a big mess!).
Altogether, not counting drying times, I have about 3 hours into this and about 15 dollars. Like I said, expensive foam. I bought a full piece for 30 and used about 1/4 of it, so plenty for more projects later. I only used one of the PVC pipes, but I have plenty sitting around for projects.

I know I'm missing something, but ask and I will answer as best as I can. I think I even have a couple more pics, if I can find them I will add them.
Thank you and enjoy!

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