Introduction: Dieselpunk Goggles XD-2

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Hello to all crafters,

recently i've finished these very very simple dieselpunk goggles, made of just a few things.

Time to make them could be like 20 minutes, maybe 30. And so here's a quick tutorial...

i: i'll be making more things like this, so follow me here on Instructables or Youtube if you like :)

What you will need:

a piece of leather or an eco-leather


tube from a vacuum cleaner

silver paint

copper wire

perforated steel



needle and thread


a drill

Step 1: Steel Tubes

These steel tube are actually not made of steel at all. I used a tube from a vacuum cleaner and paited it with oil based color named "Silver shade" by Umton company. Just used my fingers and some fabric to put it on and waited a 5 days i think? Oil colors are drying really slowly.

Outer diameter of these tube is 4 cm.

Step 2: Paper Body

Cut a piece of paper into a shape you can see on pictures, choose a strong one, or choose a piece of plastic, that's even better. I can give you measurements but it depends on the PVC tubing that you got. Don't worry, we are not gonna measure a single thing it this tutorial, that's why it's so simple and fast.

Wrap that paper aroung the tube and cut off the rest. Leave a little bit a space between those two ends for the leather edges.

Step 3: Glue the Leather

When it comes to sewing, i'm kinda lame. But if you're not use needle and thread for this step.

So cut out a piece of a leather with the same shape as the paper, just slightly bigger (i used black eco leather, simply because i have plenty of it:)

Then put the paper on it and bend edges inside and glue it or you know, sew it or .. whatever .)

After that take your scissors and cut off corners.

Step 4: Around the Tube

Next step, put this paper-leaher thing on to the tube and sew it, this is the only part that i'm sewing, because it really needs to hold and it looks much better.

Step 5: Around a Head

The same technique was used to make the belts. Sewing or glueing. Make it long enough, rather longer. And of course make two belts (2 cm width)

Glue them on each ocular to the inner side.

Then attach some buckle to the first one and drill holes to the second one. I've choosed 7 mm span.

Step 6: The Wire

Used a copper wire not too thin to attach oculars togerher. Nothing fancy.

Step 7: An Eye Protector

For this final step you'll need an old speaker and take off the perforated steel sheet. Make 2 circles with the same diameter as the tube. I've took out the vacuum tube for easier work.

Glue it and then put it back inside the leather and use glue again.

And we're done. Of course if you guys want it to be more detailed then sewing is always a better option. Real leaher would be also more.. well, real. But details i'll leave up to you .)

Take care guys, check out my projects if you like and have a nice day!:)