Introduction: Diy Valentine Day Card

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These gorgeous Valentine's Day card is oh, so easy to make, proving that even a beginning crafter can wow loved ones with a homemade valentine.Make one for all the people you love in your life.
Happy crafting..

Step 1: You Will Need

Red, black and white cardstock
Heart shape punch
Glitter ribbon
Needle And thread
Cutting mat

Step 2: Base Card

I made card of size 4" by 6".
Score your black and red cardstock in 8" by 12" size and cut it down.
Then glue red and black cardstock together .
Allow it to dry.
Then fold it into half.
Your base of card is ready..:)

Step 3: Add More Layers of Color

In this card red cardstock is on the upperside.
Now score the white cardstock in 2.5" by 6" size and cut it.
Glue that white strip on red cardstock.
For seperate both cardstock i add thin strip of black cardstock.

Step 4: Time for Herats....:)

Now actual fun begins

Take a red and white cardstock .
Punch both of them one by one using this cute tiny heart punch.
Now glue them on the front of card.
Glue white hearts on red color and red hearts on white.!!!

Step 5: Add Fabric Bow

I made this super easy and adorable fabric bow using fabric scrap.

For that you will need rectangular piece of fabric.
Then fold it lengthwise ..
After that fold it from both the ends and keep both the ends into middle of the piece.
Then pinch the fabric from the centre.
Take two or three stitch so the fabric will not unfold.
Then cut small piece of glitter ribbon.
And glue it on the centre of the bow.
Your bow is ready.
And glue this bow on the card..
You are done...