Introduction: Doctor Strange - Eye of Agamotto With Opening Eye

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I really enjoyed the Doctor Strange movie and wanted to make a Cosplay Eye of Agamotto that could open and close with the light inside. I designed a cam mechanism behind the eye lids with a case to open and close the eye by rotating the back. I split the main body so that the front and rear pieces are easier to print.

Here is a video of it in action: Eye of Agamotto - Cosplay

Download Files

The files for 3D printing can be downloaded from Pinshape here:

Print Settings

Printer: Zortrax m200 Resolution: 0.19mm Infill: Low Material: Z-Ultrat Quality: Fine

Angle (Support): 30 Degrees - I recommend using the maximum support possible.


Check out the video for the assembly.

Assembly Video

Glue the top face piece to the rear base to complete the assembly.

Eye Light

For the eye effect I used

LED: BlinkM Mini -

Power: 2 x 1.5V Button Cell Batteries (A76/LR44)

Diffuser: Tissue and a piece of plastic bag.

A great video on building and painting the eye done by Uncle Jessy can be found here:
Doctor Strange 3D Printed Eye of Agamotto Replica Prop

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