Introduction: Dog Treats ! Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Banana and Oatmeal

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So a family friend recently got a puppy!

His name is Cache

sometimes store bought treats give him an upset stomach. So i ran through google and found a couple of recipes for dog treats and made up my own little concoction. :D


mixing bowl

can opener

hand held mixer

baking sheet


Parchment paper


Step 1: ​gather Up Your Ingredients

  • 1 can (or two cups) natural peanut butter (be sure to check the back for Xylitol, which is very harmful to dogs)
  • 1 can (or two cups) pumpkin
  • 2 med eggs
  • 1 banana

Mix all ingredients together with a hand mixer until smooth

then add,

  • 1 cup thin or quick oats
  • 1 cup flour Whole wheat or white

Mix in slowly to avoid flinging flour and oats across the room!

Step 2: Bake and Snap Into Bit Sized Peices

split the mixture into two baking sheets lined with tinfoil and parchment paper.

Spread it out until its 1/2 inch thick

Bake at 350 for 20 min then let cool in the oven with the door half open and the oven turned off.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Hopefully your dog will enjoy these cookies as much as Cashe did,

feel free to make an "I Made this" post

Take care and all the best!


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