Introduction: Dollar Orami Eagle

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This is an origami eagle folded from a dollar bill. It is fairly complicated, so be sure to start with a practice bill instead of a genuine $1 currency. Also, since dollar bills can be thick and wrinkled, make sure to fold sharply in both directions, creating a very loose hinge. Follow the pictures in order with the steps.

Step 1: 1-8

1. Start with a dollar bill or practice bill.

2. Fold in half.

3. Result.

4. Align each edge with the fold.

5. Unfold on the halfway crease.

6. Bisect each flap.

7. Flip over.

8. Fold each of the flaps on top along the edge.

Step 2: 9-16

9. Flip over.

10. Align the creases to the edge.

11. Fold from the intersection to the point.

12. Rabbit-ear fold.

13. Fold up the flaps as far as they will go.

14. Unfold.

15. Prepare to rabbit-ear fold.

16. Rabbit-ear fold.

Step 3: 17-24

17. Flatten.

18. Result.

19. Fold down the flap as far as it will go.

20. Fold an angle bisector as shown. The model will not be flat anymore, so be gentle.

21. Result.

22. Fold the flaps back up.

23. CAREFULLY fold the edges to the center crease as shown.

24. Bisect these angles.

Step 4: 25-31

25. Fold the whole kaboodle in half.

26. Inside reverse fold on existing creases.

27. Pay attention to these creases and use them as guides for the next step.

28. Crimp fold along the guidelines shown.

29. Fold the flaps down.

30. Fold a bisector as shown to squash-fold the wing.

31. Results.

Step 5: 32-37

32. Fold another bisector as shown, essentially repeating the step in the opposite direction.

33. Results.

34. Tuck everything into the slot in the wing.

35. Close-up of the slot.

36. Repeat on the other side.

37. Fold the flap back up.

Step 6: 38-43

38. Unfold.

39. Make the two folds shown here.

40. The next step is tricky and confusing, so take your time and follow the pictures.

41. The finished tail.

42. Fold in half, but make sure to reposition the tail as shown.

43. Carefully narrow the tail as shown.

Step 7: 39-Finish

39. The final steps are to add details such as the beak, claws, and proper body shape.

All done! You now have a beautiful dollar origami eagle! Thank you for your patience with this model (and my teaching skills), I know it's a lot of work, but it diffidently pays off!

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