Dot Mandala Panting on Rocks



Introduction: Dot Mandala Panting on Rocks

About: Hi all This is Maria Rose. I do Nail art, Mehendi, Quilling and now hopped onto Dot painting. I make tutorials on youtube. Please SUBSCRIBE if you like my content. :)

This is an easy tutorial for beginners on showing how to do dot art mandala on stones.
Dot mandala painting gives calm mind and relieves you from stress. Not only that its is a perfect gift idea for your loved ones!! Or place it as home decor or office decor.

Step 1: Finding a Stone

If you live nearby stony beach or riverside you will find lots of stones & pebbles. You can use that to paint it. Since I don't find any large size stone I'm using the pebble I found nearby my place

Linking both my tools and Rock painting video. Have a look and subscribe to my channel.

Step 2: Prepping the Base and Painting

Paint the base black.

For the centre dot use light blue and surround it by 2 rows of white dots. Then add blue dot in a bigger size

Add pink swooshes with alternate white dots. Using white dots as base draw mango pattern used in henna and finally surround it by pink and white dots.

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Step 3:

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