Introduction: Dot Painted Bookmarks|DIY Bookmarks

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Hello everyone!!!

Today I will be showing how to paint bookmarks with dot painting tchnique. This is a simple pattern for beginners but it will look stunning. Hope you like my works. Please check all the steps I have listed here.

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MDF base for bookmark

Paints: pearl blue, pink, Skin color, yellow, violet,Gold

Tools: Dotting tools or toothpick

Step 1: Painting the Base for Dot Painting

Bookmarks can be made using MDF base. Since I'm showing the pattern I'm painting it in Sketch book.

My Bookmark base color I had chosen is Black

Step 2: Dot the Border of the Design

Using Pink color I'm dot painting the border of the design. Make sure you place the dots with same size.

Step 3: Fill the Design With Dots of Various Sizes

Now fill the design with dots of various sizes with Pink color and Skin color acrylic paintings.

Tip: Walk the dots once you dip the dotting tool this way you will get dots of various sizes. Walking the dots ie once you dip the paint,continuously dot in the base so that you will get different size dots

Step 4: Filling With the Design Around the Petals

Now using Gold color and Pink color border the design and dot it inside using various sized dots

Step 5: Centre Design With Gold and Pink

Place a Gold color big centre dot. Then place 4 rows of alternate dots with gold and pink. This way you will get a flower shape. On top of the centre dot place pink dot

Step 6: Complete Design Pictures

Ihave designed similar design on 2 other bookmarks. But slightly changed the design at the centre. I had used Pearl blue, Pink, Violet and Yellow