Introduction: Draw a 3d Monogram Pendant for 3d Printing

These pendants make great gifts and are 3d printer friendly.

I have numerous letter combinations available for download at

Step 1:

In your favorite 3d modeling tool create a 2 character text; your initials are a great start.

Text height 25 mm

Text only needs to be a curve (outline).

Note: Use a font that has the same height for each letter and not to curvy.

Step 2: Rotate

Rotate one of the letters 90 degrees to the other letter

Step 3: Align

Center the letters. Make sure that the bottoms are also aligned.

Step 4: Extrude

Extrude each letter separately the same width of the other letter.

Step 5: Intersection

Do a boolean intersection of the two extruded letters.

Step 6: Cylinder

Add a cylinder 3mm in diameter thru the center of the monogram.

Step 7: Boolean Difference

Subtract the cylinder from the monogram.

Step 8: Done

Upload to you 3d printer, print, and enjoy!

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