Introduction: Drawing a Vampire Wolf

I am going to show you a step by step of how to create a vampire wolf in a pumpkin field using Sketchbook on the iPad. This drawing would probably be intermediate. 

Step 1: Sketching

To begin your drawing, you first need to sketch out your wolf. Select the brush drawing tool and decrease the size and at  100% opacity. Choose the color red and then roughly begin sketching. Make sure that the sketch isn't too rough though, or you won't be able to tell what lines to trace later on. Make sure that your wolf has longer fangs like vampire fangs. Also be sure that the fangs stick out at the corners of the mouth rather than the front. If you need to, look at a picture of a wolf, anime preferably, so that you can see how the legs are and the muzzle. Anime is easier to look at for drawings like this because there isn't fur in the way of the important lines.

Step 2: Tracing

Keeping the size and opacity of your brush, change the color to black and make a new layer. On the new layer, begin to trace over your lines from the sketch.Make sure the new layer is above your sketch layer.  This time, you want to be more detailed because this is the lineart of your wolf. Once you have finished, delete the sketch layer.

Step 3: Coloring and Drawing Tree

Now your wolf needs to be colored. Make a new layer and drag it below the lineart layer and select a grayish color or black. Color in the wolf. Be sure to fill all spots with color within the lineart of the wolf. Erase all of the color outside the lines until you have a perfect colored wolf. This may take some time. Color in the eyes, red preferably. Next, enlarge the size of your brush and lower it's opacity. Select a brown/gray color and begin to color in a tree that overlaps the wolf's body. Make it tall and leafless. Add blacks and whites and grays to give the tree a tree like look. Next, select a dark, dark color and color in the sky with 100% opacity. Be sure to dodge the wolf and tree carefully. Making your brush very large, choose white, lower the opacity again and make a moon in the sky. Add any desired markings to your wolf.

Step 4: Adding Shading

Using the same dark color you used for the sky, color clouds over the moon. Now, make a new layer above the layer in which you colored you wolf and lower it's opacity to nearly invisible. Take your brush and choose the color black. Begin to shade your wolf and tree. You will notice that the lowered layer opacity makes it really look like shadows, giving the desired effect. Be sure to think about were the light of moon is hitting so that you can get your shadows correctly. Look at the picture shown for help. 

Step 5: Adding Pumpkins

Now that you have added shading, make a new layer above the shading layer. Select the color orange and sketch out some pumpkins. Make sure some of them go over the wolf's paws and the tree roots so it doesn't look as if the wolf and tree are floating. The pumpkins can be as sketchy as you want them to. Pick a darker orange and lower the brush opacity and begin to make lines on the pumpkins. Go back to the shading layer and shade the bottoms of your pumpkins so they look as real as they can. On the same layer, take white and lightly color over the top of the pumpkins so it looks like they are hit by the moon light. 

Step 6: Finishing

This is the step where you finish off whatever you want to. Make grass and vines all around and pumpkin stems. Make scratch marks on the tree if you wish. You can make the wolf's eyes glow by lowering the opacity of the brush and enlarging it, then lightly going over the eyes. Same with the teeth. Once you are finished, take a low-opacity brush, black, and color softly over the picture. Sign it and you are done! You have made a vampire wolf in a pumpkin field.