Introduction: Little Black Dress Refashion

I needed a dress for my parents 50th wedding anniversary dinner. I've been trying not to buy new clothing. Instead I've challenged myself to use only thrift store or refashions from my own closet.
Well this is what I cam up with! Tell me what you think. 
The only new item I added was a black scarf I bought at Walmart and used as the belt. 
The jacket came from my sister's closet.


Tank top
Basic sewing supplies


I found the tank top during the summer at a Goodwill store. I never really liked it as it was.
I picked a dress that I bought in a resale shop 1 year ago that I wore once. It was too big.
I cut the dress bodice off. 
Then I cut the tank top eyeballing where I thought best to cut and added about an inch for seam allowance.

The skirt of the dress was bigger than the tank top opening, so I gathered it to fit the new bodice.
Then pinned the two together making sure to match up the side seams and adjusting gathers.
Sewed the two together and voila!