Introduction: Duck Tape and Cardboard Tablet Case

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Want to make a cool case for your tablet? Well if you do then you've come to the right place. This tablet case will fit most tablets, is easy to make, and still give your device some pretty good fall protection. Plus it stands up making netflix and chill that much better! The only substances you will need for this project is duck tape and cardboard so the materials are super accessible and cheap. If you're not sold yet then... I guess you can go spend 20 bucks on a case but, If you like what you see, read on. I made this case simply out of necessity. My tablet has endured quite a few falls so I figured I would end its suffering and help it live the last years of its life in peace. Also I figured if I was going to make a case I might as well make it stand up, and so this case was born. Is working well so far and I haven't done any drop tests, mostly because I don't have cash to burn on dropping tablets, but I'm confident the cardboard will keep it safe if you don't drop it off any roofs. However I can't guarantee anything so if you don't think It's good enough don't take the risk and go buy an otter box. Well I've said enough lets get to making!

What you will need.


1. Duck tape (also called cloth tape)

2. Cardboard. A small cardboard box is more then enough


1. Scissors

Step 1: Make the Foundation

The first thing you need to do is find out how long and wide your tablet is. You don't need a ruler, just guess. Now layer strips of duct tape so there about a centimeter of overlap and make a rectangle. The rectangle should be as wide as your tablet is and twice as long. Next cut a piece of card board that its as long as your tablet but a cm or two less wide. Now cut that cardboard into two sections, one should be twice as wide as the other. In other words your cardboard rectangle should be divided into a 1/3 and a 2/3 section and don't worry about being exact just estimate. Place them next to each other on your duct tape rectangle with a gap in-between as shown in the second picture. Now cover that half you stuck the cardboard to with duck tape so you sandwich the cardboard. Then place two more pieces of cardboard with the same measurements as the first on the other half. Once you've done that your case should look like the third picture. Now sandwich the remaining half with duck tape and separate the two halfs using your scissors. Tear a strip of duct tape as long as your tablet. Place it one the table sticky side up. Attach the halves to it so the two 1/3 sections are closer to each other then two 2/3 sections. The amount of space you have between the two halves should be determined by how thick your tablet is, the thicker the tablet the more space. Last, stick another strip of duck tape as long as your device over the strip that connects the two halves so there shouldn't be any sticky parts showing on your case so far. When you're done your case should look like the last picture. Great! You are done with the first step!

Step 2: Build a Wall

America needs walls to keep it safe according to the president and while that may be controversial your tablet definitely needs some walls to protect it. The first thing you need to do is tear 4 strips of duck tape as long as your tablet. Next cut 2 pieces of cardboard. They should be as long as your tablet is and as wide as your tablet is thick. Now attach one of your 4 strips of duct tape to the back side of your case so the sticky side is up. Attach it to the long edge of the left half of your case. Now stick your piece of cardboard to it right at the base as shown in picture 1. Sandwich the cardboard using the second of your 4 strips so your first wall looks like the second picture. Do the same process on the opposite side so that you make a second wall. Lastly make a third wall at the bottom between the two walls. Make sure your only building the walls on the left half of your case. Once you've made all three walls your case should look like picture 3. Now put your tablet in-between the walls, it should fit nicely. Next fold the top part of your walls, the bit without cardboard, down. Tear two more small pieces of tape and attach the two side walls to the bottom wall making the bottom two corners of your case. Once you have done that you should have something like picture 4. Last tear a strip of duct tape thats as long as your device is wide. Cut or tear it in half lengthwise. Cut the length of one of the halves to about 3/4 the length of the other. Center the shorter piece and stick it to the longer piece. This should give you a mostly non-stick strip of duck tape thats only sticky on the two ends. This strip will bond the top corers of the side walls together. You should be able to pull your tablet out now and have a case that looks like picture 5. Great, you're almost done, just a few more finishing touches.

Step 3: Polish It Up

Ok your case is functional but we need to make it look a little better. First, If the two side walls of your case bend upward that's normal. To fix the problem take a strip as long as your wall and stick it on the inside of your case. Basically you stick it under the folded part of your tablet wall and to the inside of the case. This pulls the wall down a bit and makes sure it doesn't bend up weird. If you don't have that problem then awesome, you got lucky or your skilled ; ). Now this next step isn't necessary but advised. One side of your tablet shouldn't have a wall and this allows you to pull your tablet out of the case but I've noticed it can be helpful to add some straps. This makes the case look better and ensures your tablet stay's in. To make these straps just take a long piece of duct tape and a short piece of duct tape. Center the short piece before sticking it to the long piece making the two ends of the strip sticky and the middle non sticky. Make these straps cover all the spaces between the buttons on your tablet. Take a look at picture 1 to see what I'm talking about. Now you simply need to cover your entire case with 4 pieces of duck tape. Use a piece for each side. This also isn't necessary but gives the case a cleaner look. Lastly if your tablet has any buttons that are covered by the case cut holes for them. There you go, your case is done! The finished product should look like picture 2. Slip your tablet in the case and fasten the straps. The other half should be able to fold over to cover the screen or fold back to act as a stand. It should fold at the space between the two pieces of card board and fit into the notch created on the back if your case. If the notch isn't quite deep enough you can layer some duck tape on top of each other just above it to fix the problem. Wow that's was a lot of writing thanks for hanging in there with me. If you have any questions just ask them in the comments section below and I'll be happy to help. Also comment if you like it or if your make it. Share your opinion with me I appreciate the feed back. Anyway thanks for reading this instructable and I hope you enjoy your duct tape case!

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