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Introduction: Duct Tape Multi-Tool

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This is a convenient little device. It is made of duct tape and has four small tools in it. It is not only easy to make, but it is easy to use. Go ahead, flip through the instructions and get working on this amazing little contraption.

Step 1: Cover the Gift Cards With Duct Tape

Take two old gift cards, or credit cards. Cut out two index cards to fit the size and cover both of the, with duct tape.

Step 2: Create the Plastic Blade

Cut some plastic off of the side of a container or anywhere else you might find plastic. Once you've cut it, cover the bottom with duct tape. Make sure the bottom is thicker than the rest of the handle. Finally, make a paper case for it.

Step 3: Create the Mini Pen

Take apart a pen and cut it so only the tip is showing. After that, duct tape the pen (except for the tip) and make sure the bottom is thicker than the rest of the handle. Then make another paper case for the pen.

Step 4: Create the Wire Stick

Use any wire (dental floss works well) and wrap it around a stick. Then attach a small metal blade so the wire can be cut. Then cover the bottom of the stick with duct tape. Just like the other two, make a paper case for it.

Step 5: Place the Tools Into the Case

Tape all three paper cases onto one of the gift cards and duct tape the other gift card on top. Now you should have a thin case with three tools that easily slide in and out.

Step 6: Install the LED Light

Take an LED light and duct tape it to the out side of the case. Attach both metal prongs to the batteries. When the prongs are squeezed, the LED light will light up. Then make a flap to cover the bulb. Use a binder clip to keep the flap down. That also need to be covered in duct tape.

Step 7: You Are Finally Finished

Good job! You have successfully made a thin case with four tools. Show it to all your friends and please leave a comment below.

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