Introduction: Dum Dum Bracelet

This is a fun bracelet to make and wear! All you really need is lots of dum dum lollipop wrappers.

Step 1: What You Need

•DUM DUM WRAPPERS!! (I used 22 wrappers and my wrist is 6 inches)
•bracelet clasp or safety pin

Step 2: The Easy Part

First you need to gather lots of dum dum wrappers. Next fold up one third of the bottom wrapper. That is usually above the block of writing. Then fold the top down. Once again fold one third up. Fold one third down. Now the wrapper is just a thin rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half. Then take one side and fold it to the half point. Do that to the other side too. Now fold the half point. Do this with all the wrappers.

Step 3: Making the Real Thing

Take two of the completed wrappers and push one of them through the little slits. Remember to keep the messy side on top. Repeat this step until you are done. Now to close it make holes with a tack. Put a bracelet clasp on it with pliers or put a safety pin through the holes.