Introduction: Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

To me this is one of the easiest rubber band bracelets, right after the fishtail and inverted fishtail.

Step 1: What You Need

You will use:
•A rainbow loom peg board
•Rubber bands
•hook/pick tool
•C or S clip

Step 2: Placing the Bands

First you have to place the bands on the board with the arrows facing away from you. Place them one by one, starting from left going up. Then do the middle and lastly the right. When your completely done with that, take some rubber bands and put them on the loom in triangles like in the picture They may look like arrows pointing towards you. Do not put a band on the first row of bands. In my case I won't put it on the first three pink bands.

Step 3: Looping the Bands

Turn the loom so now the arrow, not the rubber bands, are pointing towards you. Grab the band on the left pin. Pull it up and loop it onto the pin right above it. Do that again to the center pin. Then do loop it on the right pin. Do this until you get to the top of the loom.

Step 4: Taking the Bracelet of the Loom

Take the left pin bands and put them on the center pin. Then take the right pin bands and put them on the center pin. Stick the pick tool in the center pin and put a rubber band on the hook part and pull it through. Put the other end of the rubber band on the hook and pull the center pin rubber bands off the loom. Start pulling all the rubber bands off the pins. When your done with that slip a band through the end band. Fold that in half and slip another another rubber band through it. Repeat this until you get the desired length. Put a C clip and your done!